It’s time for a practice pad workout with Jared Sample, our second DrumItInAMinute guest instructor!

We’re going to play a phrase that consists of a paradiddle-diddle (RLRRLL) + another paradiddle-diddle (again, RLRRLL) + a standard paradiddle (RLRR). No matter which hand you begin with, when you repeat at the end of one cycle through this combination, the opposite hand will now be leading. This a killer way to give both hands equal attention.

You’ll notice that Jared is leading with his left hand, so our written notation below does the same. In the second measure, things have switched to being right-hand lead. Feel free to start with whichever hand you choose.


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Jared Sample has been drumming for about 10 years. He lives in West Salem, Oregon and teaches drum lessons, as well as beginner level guitar lessons. Jared studied under the legendary Mel Brown while at Western Oregon University. He loves to listen to and play all kinds of music and would love to teach YOU how to play the drums or guitar, as well!

You can connect with Jared via any/all of the methods below:

Email | Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram | Skype: screen name GirDraconis

If you’d like to be our next guest instructor and have your own lesson idea to submit, check out how right here.