Our first ever guest instructor, Mike Malone, shows us how we can apply the Paradiddle-diddle sticking around the kit in a triplet feel. This is awesome in a Jazz context for fills, solo ideas and comping!

Mike Malone jazz paradiddle-diddle

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Mike Malone is originally from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire from 2009-2014. During his time in Eau Claire, he performed for 4 years with the Grammy nominated Jazz Ensemble I, under the direction of Robert Baca. As a composer, Malone has written countless jazz pieces for small group, along with a number of selections for big band. In 2013, he released his first album, “Overalls & Airplanes,” featuring 7 of Malone’s compositions. That same year, Malone toured internationally with the Glenn Miller Orchestra and Five By Design. He currently remains an active clinician, educator and performer, and is an endorsed performing artist for Bosphorus Cymbals.

You can connect with Mike on his website ( MaloneDrum.com ) and on YouTube ( YouTube.com/MaloneDrum )

This is the first of many lessons from some terrific guest instructors. Stay tuned for more and, if you have your own lesson idea that you’d like to submit, check out how right here.