Hello, hello, and welcome to our official Launch Day here at DrumItInAMinute.com!

While we’ll usually be posting a new video or two each week, and mixing it up between presenting beginning, intermediate and advanced lessons, we decided that we’d like to kick things off a bit bigger than that today.

So here we are on Day One with not one, not two, but TWELVE 60-second video drum lessons for you to watch, practice, enjoy and share with all of your crazy drummer buddies!

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Without further ado, let’s have at it . . .


Straight 8th rock groove: A

Straight 8th rock groove: B

Straight 8th rock groove: A and B combo

2-handed 16th-note groove

Alternating 16th groove with ghost notes

Quintuplet “paradiddle-one” groove


3 note double stop phrase

Inverted doubles around the kit

Inverted double stroke fill

RLLF sticking

RLLF sticking moved around the drumset

RLLF fill