Allow me to introduce our next guest instructor, Andrew Weber!

In this video lesson, Andrew begins with a “Flam-Left-Right-Left” sticking on the snare drum and then demonstrates how we can revoice it around the drumset to play some fantastic sounding fill patterns.

Feel free to move the notes of this phrase around the kit in any way(s) that you can dream up. Also, check out the super cool ways that Andrew occasionally sneaks in a bass drum or hihat note before repeating the pattern.

Andrew Weber - flam left right left

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Andrew Weber has been drumming for 10 years. He loves recording and doing drum sessions for artists. Self-taught when in high school, he studied and idolized drummers such as Steve Jordan and Keith Carlock. Andrew currently play drums in the band Green or Blue, who just released their first full-length studio album, “A Shot Below the Moon.” Stream it here!

You can connect with Andrew on his website and on Twitter.

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