Frequently Asked Questions

Why only 60-second videos?

Through my 15 years of teaching private drum lessons and group workshops, I’ve observed that, to grow quickest as a musician, it is most beneficial to focus on one small, simple idea at a time. These short videos feature easily manageable patterns which, when practiced slowly and with intent, can later be sped up, developed and combined into a limitless number of groove, fill and solo applications.

Will I really be awesome at each of these in just one minute?

Um, quite likely not. While you’ll probably find a few videos that demonstrate patterns that are super easy for you right off the bat, you’ll also find some [and their possible combinations] to be a bit trickier. The point is that each of these can be easily learned in simply a minute. After that, it’ll take some time, focused repetition and dedication on your part to really absorb the concept, become comfortable with it and eventually apply it to your own playing.

Are the videos meant to be worked through in the chronological order that they’re posted?

Not at all. My intent here is to regularly present material that will be educational to players at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Feel free to sift through the lessons and choose whatever strikes you as cool. If something seems a bit too tough for you at the moment, find another . . . but make sure to come back and revisit that difficult one at a later date!

Who are you, anyway?

MPI’m just another fellow drummer who finds joy in the constant discovery of new rhythms. I figure that the more we can all share with each other what we learn along our percussive journeys, the better and happier we’ll all be.

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