Be Our Guest . . .

Now you can be a guest instructor and have your very own 60-second video lesson featured right here on DrumItInAMinute!

Here’s how to get your 15 minutes 60 seconds of fame:

1. Video record yourself teaching a quick one-minute lesson.


     Shoot for making your lesson EXACTLY one minute, from start to finish. A great way to do that is to set a timer somewhere off-camera where you can see it. However, don’t worry if you have some extra footage at the beginning and end of your final clip- we’ll be able to edit that out once we receive it.

     Focus on one small idea. 60 seconds fly by super quickly and you want your viewer to have one small, solid concept to take from your lesson and work on. If you intend to teach something that doesn’t fit into such a short timeframe, break the components of your larger lesson down into a few different bite-size chunks that can each be taught individual videos. Then have a final lesson that combines them altogether!

     Any camera angle is acceptable but try to be sure that the viewer can see the limbs and drums that are involved in your lesson, so that they can see what you’re doing. Also, aim for good lighting and audio. We want the viewer to be able to hear your voice and drums clearly.

2. Upload your video somewhere secure online and email the link to


     Dropbox and Hightail are good options for this.

     Make sure to include some info about yourself in the email: give us your full name, maybe a super short bio and any website and social media links that you’d like us to share with the DrumItInAMinute readers.

3. Enormous bonus points if you can supply us with a written notation of the pattern(s) in your lesson.


     No need to worry if it ain’t pretty. You can even email an image of your rhythms scribbled out on a piece of scratch paper and leave it to us to make it look all fancy-like.

4. We’ll edit your clip, clean up the beginning and end, add a DrumItInAMinute logo and the one-minute countdown clock that’s visible on every one of our lesson videos, and then upload it to YouTube.

5. When everything is all set to go, we’ll launch your video on YouTube and the website, and let you know so that you can send all your friends to check it out!

That’s all there is to it. Start brainstorming some ideas, set up your videocamera or smartphone near your drumset and getting teachin’.

Can’t wait to feature you and your lesson!

**Required legal-esque agreement: Your contribution of a video lesson is also you granting all rights, license and permission to DrumItInAMinute and Mark Powers for that video, the intellectual property therein and all related accompanying resources (as well as any derivative works based on all aforementioned) to be used, edited, published, displayed, copied and distributed (including in any and all free [non-commercial] and for-profit [commercial] online, digital and hardcopy formats), on its own or within any collections or remixed works, without compensation to you (monetary or otherwise).**