Drum It In A Minute

60-seconds lessons (occasionally featuring guest instructors) that teach you how to play cool drumset grooves, fills, sticking combinations and solo patterns.

Drum It In A Minute - YouTube

“…you have seriously been making my drumming more fun..I just watch a few [of] these a week then use what I was toying with during the weekend….I should probably give you money. haha”
Nicole Rae

“…your drum video tutorials are pretty killer! I’ve been needing a little something to help me get more creative with my playing, and your vids are giving me a good start to doing that. Thanks man!”
Mitchell Nehring

“They’re quick, easy to follow, and really help me to structure my practice time.”
Guy Provencal

See? And in addition to the benefits these three mentioned above, subscribing to DrumItInAMinute is also scientifically proven* to make you smarter, funnier and sexier! So what are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of other incredibly wise drummers who are regularly accessing DrumItInAMinute‘s short-but-sweet videos.

* = Not scientifically proven (not yet, anyway).